Thursday, January 29, 2015


So,  the dolls were trying to get up to the window,

and after a while,  Rose succeeded.

Then she threw the rope down to Isabelle,

and Isabelle got up to the window too.

When they were done with being on the window,  Isabelle just dropped.  She fell on Penny.

Isabelle:  *Falls on Penny*  "I'm okay!  ...Penny?"
Penny:  *Crushed*  "..."

Then,  not wanting to land on Penny and Isabelle,  Rose took the rope and used that to get down.  She fell on them anyway.

Rose:  "I'm okay."  *Laughs*

Maia Eve didn't get to the top with Rose and Isabelle because she was at the very bottom.  So after all the falling was done,  I lifted Maia Eve to the window and she loved the view of the neighborhood even though it wasn't much of a view.

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