Friday, January 30, 2015

Borrowing Julie Albright

Hi everybody!  Today,  I checked out Julie Albright!

From the pictures I saw online,  I thought Julie looked pretty similar to Isabelle,  just a different eye color.  I was wrong.  Julie has bigger lips,  thinner eyebrows,  much longer hair,  and the hair is more straightly cut.  Isabelle's hair is more choppy,  which I like better.  I didn't notice that Julie had really long hair until I saw her in person.

I think Julie is so adorable and I am SO glad I got to see her in person.  Personally,  I like Isabelle better,  but I still LOVE Julie!!

Her and Maia Eve get along really well.  They are both hippies.  They also usually wear a small braid on their right side.

Below is a picture of Julie, then pictures of Julie and Isabelle, then a picture of Julie and Maia Eve.

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