Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Outdoors with Penny

Hello.  This is Maia Evianne.

Today,  I decided to spend some time outside,  and I wanted some company.  So I asked my cousin,  Penny.

Me:  "Would you like to join me outside and get some fresh air?  The snow is starting to melt."
Penny:  *Smiles*  "Yeah!"
Me:  *Smiles back*  "Yay!  Get your shoes on!"
Penny:  "Okay."

Us standing by the door waiting for Blue to open it.

Penny:  *Walks out the door* *Shivers* "Wow,  it's cold outside."
Me:  "Not really."  *Makes snowball* *Throws it at Penny*
Penny:  "So...  Cold...."
Me:  *Laughs*

It really was a nice day out.

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