Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Borrowing Isabelle Palmer

An average library lets you borrow books and movies and CDs and audio books and magazines and video games.  But,  an average library doesn't let you borrow American Girl dolls.  This library does!!!

I am borrowing Isabelle Palmer right now!  I have Samantha,  Julie and Kit on hold.  I don't know when they will be coming.

The pictures:

  1. Isabelle taking a nap in her bed.
  2. Isabelle sitting up in her bed.
  3. The bed turned sideways so that they could all squeeze tightly and sit together.
  4. Isabelle (on the left) and Maia Eve (on the right) talking to eachother.  Maia Eve did Isabelle's hair to match hers.
  5. Isabelle (still on the left) and Maia Eve (you can probably guess where she is) making friends.

She came in a kit with a fold-up bed & bedding,  one of her books,  a doll hairbrush,  her hair clip and a journal.

The journal is for girls to write about their experience with Isabelle.

The hairbrush works great on Isabelle.  It is smaller than my one that I own (my one is not from the American Girl doll brand).

I don't really like the pink hair clip.  You have to hook it onto tags in her hair,  and just finding those tags took me a long time.  The clip's top half is blonde,  but it is a lighter blonde than Isabelle's hair.

I think Isabelle is a really pretty doll.  I love her so much!  She is really posable.

Tomorrow,  I will be posting about a new doll I bought for Maia Eve.

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