Tuesday, August 4, 2015

World Doll Day Tag!


Hello! Loren, the owner of Happy House Of AG, let me have this tag! She made the picture herself!

I think this whole tag started HERE. I think, I don't know.

I am really new to this, so I asked her what it was about, and she said I have to answer the same questions she did. Here goes!

List three favorite dolls you bought last year

I am assuming this can be about any doll, not just 18" dolls. I bought five 18" dolls last year, and one Blythe doll. My Blythe doll, Josie, is one of my favorites, and the other two favorites are Penny and Mabel, who are both 18" My Life As dolls.

List three dolls currently on your wishlist

Isabelle, #64, and Sonali, who are all American Girl dolls.

I am not sure whether I am supposed to nominate someone or not, but I am pretty sure I get to, so I nominate Forever Fall Dolls, Agoverseasfan, Dolly Dorm Diaries, Simply Ivy and Always Arizona, and lastly, My Journey Girls Dolls Adventures! I hope you all enjoy this!

Thank you, Loren, for letting me have this!

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