Monday, August 3, 2015

Tris' Hair Loose

Hey! So the dolls (Just Rose and Tris) went outside, and Rose did a cartwheel. Tris saw that Rose's hair was in her face during the cartwheel, and was so thankful that she always has her hair in her braids that she came with.

Rose showed Tris something in the distance, possibly a bird, but I don't really know. They said it was their "Thing"... an inside joke, that they didn't tell me about. Wonder what that is...

Rose then said "You should take out your braids," which didn't a good response.
Tris said "No way! These are the ones I came in, and they will never come out!" Rose probably suggested to take the braids out because braids feel so tight and weird, and not flowing and free. So Tris listened to her, after a while of convincing, and attempted to take out her braids.

I made her smile at the camera while doing this, because I found it funny that she can't even take out her own hair tie. She didn't like that she had to do that.
I had to help her, and Rose offered, but Rose couldn't do much to it. Then the braids were out.

Even for me, a human, it was hard to take out! I guess they (Walmart) really want her hair to be in braids. I think there was two ties in one braid too. Even Penny's hair wasn't hard to get out of the ties.

Doesn't it look great? I think she looks much better without her braids on! I was afraid for nothing, really. I was afraid to take out her braids because I thought they wouldn't look good without them in, but I was wrong!

Rose then said "I told you, you shouldn't have taken them out!"
Tris, infuriated, said "You were the one who said to!"
Rose, feeling defensive and guilty, said "But you didn't have to listen to me."
"I don't know why you are yelling at me anyway. I love my hair like this."
Rose paused, and studied Tris's hair. "I guess it is okay. I think I like it better in braids, though."


Putting a mini braid across the head made it look even more special!

I show you guys how to make Rose's hairstyle in this video!
Thank you for reading!

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