Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Hi!! Hi, there is some good news! I got a new doll. Well, two new dolls! It is not my birthday right now, and I got these for my birthday, so I opened one and I am opening my second tomorrow.

My second doll is really cute too. I won't tell you yet who she is, but I will give a little hint: She was not on the My Life As Doll Wishlist post. I have wanted her for a while, though. I was deciding between her and Penny for my first doll.

Owl clothes! As you can see, I got them!!

Her name is Tris Ariana Waters.

Tris - Named after Beatrice Prior in the Divergent series.

Ariana - Named after Ariana Grande.

Waters - Named after Augustus Waters from the book The Fault In Our Stars.

Thank you for reading!

I will be opening my other doll tomorrow, and I already picked out her name.

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