Thursday, February 19, 2015

Goodbye, Samantha!

Today, the dolls and I had to say goodbye to Samantha.  She will be missed.  As always, Maia Eve was the saddest.

The good news is, there will be a new American Girl doll staying with us.  Her name is Josefina.  She is very pretty!  She is already here with me and the dolls.

Okay, so I was on a photo-editing app and I tried to put cartoon tears on Maia Eve's face, and when I saved the photo, it was the way I wanted it to be.  Then a few minutes later, I looked at the photo again and this is how it turned out.

It is really weird and confusing to me.  The photo is all the way on the top left and it is really small, and then there is the tears that are at the bottom right of the photo.

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