Thursday, February 12, 2015

Borrowing Kit Kittredge

HellOOOO!  Today, I got Kit from the library.  She is my fourth doll I got to borrow.  The Kit that the library has is the old historical one, not the new BeForever one.

We are at the library right now.

I have seen her in photos, and judging the photos, she was not my favorite.  Let me tell you, she is MUCH cuter in person!  I just noticed that her eyes are blue.  The freckles stand out more in person too.  And judging by the photos, I didn't really like her clothes, but I like them much more in person.  I LOVE the shoes!  They have a real buckle, not just a fake one that is velcroed on, like the BeForever Julie's shoes.  I don't like that the shirt is the same color as the sweater, though.

Kit is watching me do this post.  It is just a tiny bit creepy,  she is just sitting there in the corner of the desk, not moving or anything.

I might nickname her Kitty or Kittie or Kitty Cat.

Thank you for reading!

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