Friday, January 23, 2015

Isabelle's awesome hair!

Isabelle's hair is so long and awesome,  so I thought to style it today.  Most of what I did was put different hair clips in her hair.

Isabelle likes the blue clip below.  She calls it "The Octopus Clip" because it has eight spike-things that look like eight tentacles.

Isabelle likes the ponytail below and likes it more as a bracelet.

Below is my favorite

Below is the hairstyle Isabelle is still wearing right now as she watches me create this post.

I wanted to do Isabelle's hair before she has to go.  I can only borrow her for a bit longer,  but hopefully I can borrow her again soon.  And I think I have a hold on her with a different library card,  so I might be able to borrow her twice as long.

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